The First Start

An agreement to make changes. 

Our Methodology

The optimum use of cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of the products and increase the productivity.

Our Approach 

Reach to customers wherever they are with their needs of high-quality products.

Our Thought

Keep the virgin nature of the area of the field and preserve the natural resources and the environmental balance.


From Farm to Fork

We develop solution for a handling agricultural goods from farm to dining table. From wherever they are  grown to our customers doorstep. This may sound simple. But the reality involves a complex supply chain. In which our people and partners play a vital role in ensuring a smooth journey for our products..



Unique Solutions

Follow the contract farming policy with international companies, major importers and wholesalers through the optimal use of agricultural technology to improve product quality and increase production to reach the product to the consumer in a safe and healthy manner.



Quality Over Quantity

The company are achieving all the international certification in terms of the quality of the organic products.


We Care About Details

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.


  • Eng. Ahmad Salem
  • Chairman

  • Mr. Mohamed Mahmod
  • Deputy Chairman

  • Eng. Walid Ghanem
  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Eng. Khaled Taha
  • Chief Operations Officer.

  • Eng. Abdel Moaty Mohammad
  • IT & Quality Manager.

  • Mr. Sabry Salem
  • Business Development Manager.

  • Mr. Amr Elkhuly
  • Chief Finance Officer.

  • Eng. Abdou Mabrouk
  • Managing Director

  • Mr. Islam Habashy
  • Chief Procurement Officer.