Apex Advanced Agriculture Group


ِApex Advanced Agriculture Group JSC. is an Egyptian joint stock company founded in 2020 with a authorized capital of 130 million Egyptian pounds and an issued capital of 13 million Egyptian pounds. 

The company’s activities include several complementary fields, including land reclamation, organic farming, livestock breeding and related food industries. The company is interested in producing organic crops using 100% organic fertilizers that are free of any harmful chemicals. The company employs modern technology in order to achieve sustainable development and preserve natural resources.


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Meeting the needs of people, wherever they are, with a healthy, organic food product that is free from any chemicals or pollutants, with the best specifications and the highest quality standards in accordance with international measurement institutions, seeking to achieve this with the latest technologies, aiming to achieve sufficiency in high-quality food, achieve environmental balance, preserve natural resources, and achieve human development on the level of individuals and societies.


1. The needs of people inside and outside the country of natural healthy organic products

2. Providing a product at prices using all modern technologies to rationalize and increase production

3. Natural resources and natural resources used are renewable energy sources and rationalization of resource consumption and natural resources.

4. Support and development of natural resources and the practice of normal activity and the practice of normal activity.

. Work in hyperproliferation

6. Achieving a climate and stimulating work environment

7. Achieving effective communication with all stakeholders from the Board of Directors, Rashaba, shareholders, current and target clients, and involving them at different levels in drawing development plans and making their strategic objectives.

8. Review of performance and market changes in order to amend the policies and objectives of the company.